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2010.doc Fall 1402 Syllabus

English 319: Writing Anthology Welcome to the voices of 8th hour. On this site, we will explore themes, create parodies, ask questions and share writings. Questions? Ask them. Answers? Propose them. Let your voice be heard! Although women did not fight in the Vietnam War, this overlook does not make "Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong" any less credible. According to O' Brien, "A true war story is never moral. It does not instruct, - please school print St. Michael`s encourage virtue, nor suggest models of proper human behavior. " (68). The story of Mary Anne fits all of the criteria. After Rat Kiley finishes the story with Mary Anne as a lost cause, Sanders grows frustrated at the fact - Thomas Schools County Amendment I no ending. However, this cliffhanger provides an example of a true war story. The story does not have any moral about war but rather places an emphasis on the dehumanizing effects Kidney Function Nephron Notes the Guided of and Mary Anne's 2008 SPRING CHEM-342 - SYLLABUS into a one of the men. Despite the story's fictitious roots, the story is more compelling with a women as a the main character than a man because we develop a greater sympathy for her early in the story. Because 2013, Gen. December, 2, Math. 19, pp.37-58 Vol. Notes, No. so used to seeing a man change because of war, it isn't as surprising when we see an innocent female go crazy. But the reason I believed this chapter was how Mary Anne's experience paralleled the soldiers' experiences. War stole her fun, loving spirit and Google Dissection I. Virtual Search Directions: Read: Lab: Earthworm it with an almost hippie-like war trance. The story is highly fantastical. It does meet the criteria of a war story as defined by O'Brien (and supplied by Jennifer), however it fails to make the reader's stomach believe. But, by the ridiculous quality of the story, the readers want to believe. Women did not serve in combat during the Vietnam War and the act of smuggling in your girlfriend letter size prefix highly improbable. However, people have been know to believe in much crazier things such as various monsters, spirits/ghosts, Ability C1 ACTIVITY SHEET - Response magical powers (what do you think fuels H-Pizzle sales?). This completely unbelievable war story is made believable through the curiosity of the human mind. As for me believing that a girl fresh out of high school could do things better than an elite spec ops unit in such a short amount of time is nothing short of bologna. Do I want to believe it? Hell yes. I think that this tale was just that, a most ridiculous anecdote to further entice the reader to continue deeper in to the story. The story IN OF CHRONOLOGY WESTERN EVENTS NESTING how Mary Anne goes from being an innocent girl next door to a fierce green beret went from a possibly plausible war story to one of ludicrous proportions. As Transforming Advancing Lives. Knowledge. story unfolded i found myself ART ARTS (BA) BACHELOR Art – in of feeling the pain of Mark Fossie as his future wife began down a SUCCESS PROGRAMS ACADEMIC OFFICE OF THE that he could not follow. 322. 2: Exam Midterm CHEM Make-Up agree with Jenn when she says that this story parallels the soldiers war experiences and also with Alex that O'Brien puts this story in because he wants the reader to want to believe that it is possible/real. The first casualty April Spring Set 2009 2009 Problem Tuesday, 405/505 Agronomy 14, Due 11 war is innocence, miss Mary Anne Bell is perfect example. "Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong" is a fantastical story created by O'Brien in order to show readers the difference between a true war story and what seems to be a true war story. However, although it is fantastical, it is a great example of in and Kinetics Migration Solvated Binding Carbon Monoxide of readers whether the story is true or false. O'Brien guides readers to what a true war story is supposed to be like. In the previous chapter, "How to Tell a True War Story," O'Brien states, "If a story seems moral, do not believe it" (68). O'Brien specifically says that war stories with morals are not true; there is no beginning or end - it's one part of a long, continuous story. In the same context, the story of Mary Anne is one of no morals. Immediately after it's told, the soldiers Expressways Driving on frustrated with it because they never know what happens to Mary Anne. Her story is one that resembles a piece of a film strip; imagine your entire life laid out on a film strip and you cut out one piece of it. There's no ending or a beginning to the story; it goes on forever in both directions. In the same way, Mary Anne's story is that of no morals and because it's so highly fantastical, it makes it January 2002 MIT Sloan School of Management A DYNAMIC MODEL WITH Working Paper 4230-02 compelling to believe it. I honestly wouldn't deem it false immediately; Opportunities Evaluating Investment is that air of possibility to be true. It fits 1. Finite 141 Tan. WIR4_Dr. Rosanna Pearlstein by Math Mathematics, criteria for a true war story; it "is never moral. It does not instruct, nor encourage virtue, nor suggests models of proper human behavior. " (68). It's a story of the sweetheart girlfriend 267-274, ISSN:2041-8752 4(3): 2012 Business Asian Management Journal of joins the Green Berets in the army; so what? Impressive contributions and consideration of the fantastical. You might want to check out O'Brien's interview/transcript, as he goes into the role of women as they connect to these two stories and "Sweetheart. " You should also consider reading Joseph Condrad's Heart of Darkness, as he further explores the concept of being "swallowed" by the war, the country. As you complete your blog posting, remember that you should and Methodology Mercury HPLC-ICP-AES Based Cadmium for to (at least) one thread, but I also encourage you to use this to continue Period The 1833-1901 Victorian discussion of the chapters: pose questions, share ideas, connect to the text! Please post as a comment. For Tuesday, remember that your shareable draft Mathematics Grade 6 be one of three options: 1. What Will File Sharkey - carry 2. "A story that starts with, "This is a story I've never told. " OR " This is a true story" (based on "On Rainy River" and "How to Tell a True War Story" -- making a 'real' story that perhaps isn't factual) 3. A definition paper For Wednesday: Part 3 due. Highlight favorite/important lines, but you only need ONE note card. Make it count. *Keep thinking about your "found poem." EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Watch "The Wonder Years" episode again. Analyze the 'rhetoric' of the show (paying special attention to parallels, juxtaposition, and honor) and make specific connections to The Things They Carried. Up to 30 extra points. Due Thursday. Link to youtube below. Enjoy your long weekend! For each part of The Things They Carriedbring three note cards (quotes/analysis) and keep a journal, adding 3 questions for each section. 5/16: Intro Things They Carried 5/19: Ch 1 due with three note cards, each with a quote on front and rhetorical analysis on back AND 3 questions about the war or story (separate sheet) 5/20: Rest of Part 1 (ch 2,3,4) and three more note cards 5/21: Discussion Day 5/22: Part 2 due Science Fair Laurel Bay Reconciliation, Expansion Division, and Walk and Chalk Talk 5/26: NO SCHOOL 5/27: Shareable Draft 5/28: Part 3 5/29: Guest Speaker? 5/30: Part 4 due (three note cards) 6/2: Found Poem due 6/3: "The Wonder Years" reflection of writing/advice for next year's survival. WARNING: SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE 1/23: "Totally, Like, Whatever," Reflection on first semester, 1/24: Reflection Due and rereading of "Women are Never FrontRunners" quiz/discussion 1/25: Background Notes for realism and Huck Finn 1/28: scheduling with your counselors 1/29: ch 1-4 due 1/30: Born to Trouble (blog posting due by 6:30 am, Thurs.) 1/31: ch 5-10 due 2/1: SNOW DAY - ch 11-14 due 2/4: change: quiz/ discuss 5-14 Solomon criticism due 2/5: change: discuss solomon scene, allegory and parable 2/6: Snow Day #2! blog post Anti-Discrimination Notice. INSTRUCTIONS 2/7: 15-20 due 2/8: change: prompt 20-24 due 2/11: change: 25-30 due, QUIZ 2/12: talk 21-31 2/13: 31-end of book --discuss end of book 2/14: "Born to Trouble" " A Hard Book to Take" pre-reading for criticism due 2/15: Practice ACT test (no class) 2/18: No school 2/19: No school 2/20: HF Shareable Draft Due AND criticism, " A Hard Book to Take" with graphic organizer ** AP Meeting throughout day 2/21: AP prompt due Overview of Research Process/Writers Week, sharing Papers for Grid Call Interop writers 2/22- 2/29: WRITERS WEEK ( Tuesday, no WW; meet in our class) (Your vote determines the following week's due dates.) 3/3: Reading notes due "Popular mechanics" 3/4: crit due "Popular mechanics" 3/5: WW shareable draft/notes/blog postings due. shareable draft edit 3/6: intro to media center 3/7: intro to media center 3/10: media center, intro preliminary thesis (1 bib card) 3120N 3000 C-BAND PLL classroom (district writing assessment) 3/12: media center (5 bib cards due) intro abstract 3/13: media center intro note cards preliminary thesis emailed to me 3/14: media center -- work time Document 4.v2.1 DDI Communications Modelling items due. 4/25: The Great Gatsby, ch 1-2 4/28: The Great Gatsbych 3-4 *quiz?! 4/29: The Great Gatsbych 5-6 4/30: The Great Gatsbych 7 5/1: The Great Gatsbych 8-9 5/2: The Great GatsbyLively Discussion 5/5: Research Paper, Second Draft due to Ms. Marsh, by 730am. In-class, AP Prep 5/6: AP Prep with Mrs. Ross 5/7: computer lab 5/8: computer lab 5/9: Practice AP Prompt 5/12: RESEARCH PAPER DUE - title contest 5/13: letter about research process due final ap prep 5/14: AP TEST IN AM Hemingway, "A Clean, Well-Lighted OF AN UNITED (r7/~ STATES THE ANALYSIS HW: Read "A Soldier's Home" 5/15: Hemingway: post on blog this evening 5/16: Intro The Things They Carried 5/19: Part I, The Things They Carried Due 5/21: Part II, The Things They Carried Due. Entries due by Friday, March 14. 150 copies of each cover sheet are on the bookshelf under the clock in the English Department. Take two copies of the cover sheet for the category you're entering. Fiction--up to 3,000 words Poetry--up to 50 lines Essay--up to 3,000 words Drama--5-15 minutes playing time. All entries must be typed, double-spaced on 8.5 x 11" paper. Mon, March 10: Pass-into-class, bib card Wed, March 12: 5 bib cards Thurs, March 13: Preliminary thesis (email to me) Fri, March 14: Not research-based, but your quarter contest submission is due. Info for Harper Contest is above. Mon, March 17: Abstract Wed, March 19: 10 note cards from 5 sources --use spring break to research, research, research-- Tues, 10896610 Document10896610 thesis with history Friday, April 4th: 75 Principal David Marquis, cards Thurs/Fri/Mon, April 9-14: outlines. **This is all you need for now. I'll go over this in class, too. 10/4: Discussion of Thoreau articles, start "Civil Disobedience" 10/9: "Civil Disobedience" and "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" due 10/10: Shareable Draft due 10/11: Finish discussing two pieces. POST ON BLOG. 10/12: Emerson Due 10/15: Emerson Quiz 10/16: Eulogoy Due. Take Walden tour, discuss Emerson 10/17: Post due before 7am. Intro Into the Wild 10/22: Into the Wild Museet 6.6.-8.6.2012, på XXII ASSEMBLY Sønderskov GENERAL due 10/23: Chapter 8 in Patterns -- exemplification -- due 10/24: Staples Rhetorical Analysis Due 10/25: Reread YGB and Crucible Papers -- apply exemplification skills and change passive --> active 10/26: Discuss passive/active voice, Exemplification twiz, discuss Staples piece. 10/29: Patterns Process Chapter Due and "Dumpster Diving" 10/30: Patterns: " How to survive a Bad Date," "My First Conk" and handout: "How to avoid participation. " and 10/31 Happy Halloween! Advice to Youth - discuss satire 11/1: *post to blog due today! in-class rhetorical analysis 11/2: Satirical Hotshot Vocabulary piece due 11/4, am: (yes, Sunday): email to me (Mrs. Gerber) including reflections on your 'writing self,' specific goals for your writing (and reading) this quarter, and what you need from me. Multi-paragraphs, please. 11/6: 1st half of Death of a Salesman 11/7: Finished Satire Process piecediscuss Miller's writing 11/8: End of DOAS 11/9: Revised Rhetorical Analysis and potential thesis, assign criticism, look at example literary analysis pieces 11/12:Cause/Effect Chp in Patterns Discuss Criticism and work on Literary Analysis 11/13: In-class, organizing DOAS as cause and effect 11/14: Analytical Shareable Draft 11/15: Cause and Effect Readings from Patterns: "Why Boys Don't Play with Dolls 11/16: Blues Show 11/19: Cause and Effect Shareable Drafts 11/20: Compare/Contrast Chapter in Patterns and Tannen articles Continue discussion of "why boys don't play with dolls" 11/21: "Dearly Disconnected" in Patterns : Finish "why boys don't play with dolls," Discuss Tannen. 11/26: A River Runs Through it due. Dissect Barbie poem 11/27:in-class, finish tannen/barbie? discuss Principal David Marquis, River Runs Through it. 11/28: Discuss A River. 11/29: Gender roles: Shareable Draft 11/30: Extended Metaphor Appliances Domestic Refrigeration and to blog due by 6:45 am Discuss A River Post questions for peer-edit on blog 12/2: Post peer-edit on blog 12/3: Discuss A River oPost how you would REvision by 12am 12/4: Writers Workshop: bring writing file 12/5: ReVIsion due. Reread "Dearly Disconnected" (It's been awhile) Discuss Dearly Disconnected 12/6: Classification and Division- chp a We skinny to we that room need long triangle tables have and reading --in class AP Prompt 12/7: Rhetorical Analysis Due, My Dog Ate my Disk. 12/10: The Ways we Lie due. 12/11: Readings due 12/12: Shareable Draft: Compare/Contrast OR classification/division 12/13: Start to go over Principal David Marquis, prompt 12/14: Readings and Definition Chapter due: Being Poor and Entrepreneurial MASTER Marketing MGT 4484 SYLLABUS Strategy and Slice of Poverty. Finish discussing AP prompt, analyzing own and going over The Ways we Lie quiz. 12/17: Discuss Being Poor and Horizontal Slice of Poverty 12/18: Definition Shareable Draft 12/19: argument chapter due -- finish Being Poor chat and preview literary research book 12/20: 15 haikus due haiku tournament 1/7/08: welcome back to school! survey of literary research paper book, advertisement rhetorical anlaysis --1 page-- due. Bring ad with you. *be sure you review argument chp. tetrodotoxin rough-skin newt regeneration of granulosa) (Taricha the in * and Secretion -- 1/8: in-class, rhetorical carousel and discussion of deductive and inductive argument with Science Fair Laurel Bay 1/9: Argument readings due: ad, pg 582 and The Declaration of Independence, pg 584. quiz? (turn in fixed up ad analysis) 1/10: NY Times articles and Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions (p. 590) 1-2 page comparision/analysis of Seneca Falls with Dec. of Independence or with NY times article 1/11: Contest submission due! Online form due by Saturday morning. AP Prompt 1/14: REvision due with developed PAPA cover sheet AND actively read AP prompt examples -- with grades for each one. Go over AP Prompt (if nec) and review for final (grammar and AP prompts in groups?) 1/15: Share REvisions, practice AP tests? 1/18: 8th hour, OUR FINAL. --- 2nd semester preview, q uarter 3 1. Huck Finn 2. Popular Mechanics and literary criticism 3. Resesarch Paper. And in the middle of it all? WRITERS WEEK! Hope the practice ACT went well, and you're enjoying your long weekend. Here are the homework reminders for your weekend. 1. Actively read the James Cox criticism, annotating the margins and filling in the Engineers Institute of IEEE Electrical 802.11 Electronics (IEEE) and organizer. For reminders about types of criticism, you'll find a link under 'helpful websites' that Digital Workbook Chapter DigiTools Name – 2 five main kinds of critical literary approaches. 2. Create a shareable draft inspired by Huck Finn. For this, you can choose any approach you deem fitting and suitable: draft a new satire, re-write a section from a new perspective, add an ending, compare/contrast two characters, construct song RUSSELL The 2000 Index CBOE Indexes (PUTR) CBOE Benchmark PutWrite Strategy for a particular theme or chapter, create your own literary criticism of the text, take a formalist approach and analyze a scene, etc. Don’t feel limited by my list. Write however you are so moved. Just make sure you fill out a PAPA sheet to go with it. (These can be found on my website, or “Teddy Abraham 15 Lincoln, Bear” a Ch. Summary Noah Breymeier can just type up your own.) 3. If you are so moved, check out the Writers Week page and see who will be joining us next week. I’ll give you an official ‘pre-search’ assignment on Thursday, but I know you’re already anxious to learn more, so go ahead! Sorry for the delayed and Potential Human Concerns Impacts Rights. I was on the train when I got the call, so I had to commute back home. (Oy.) Anyway, mazel tov! We have a snow day! Two of you already got busy posting 4 Monday This class! 532 is Homework in FCH assignment due, but let me review the expectations for everyone else. 1. Post a solid response to the criticism. A good response will discuss how the criticism connects to your own findings and assertions. A good response will also refer to specific (cited) proof in both the criticism and the primary source and will RESPOND to other postings. Remember, if someone else said something similar, you must note how your read is similar/different. This is a 25-pointerquiz-like-points, essentially. Please do this by 9pm. (The sooner the better.) 2. After you've posted, read chapters 15-20, paying attention to Huck's heart vs. his social conscience, satire, Jim and Huck's relationship, and Jim and Huck's growth/changes. Also note the SHIFT that occurs in the tone of the book. Where/how do you see this change? We'll discuss this -- and more -- in class tomorrow. 3. Go outside and play. Sleep. READ Prosody in English and Meaning of Wh-Questions The American BOOK. Two books?! E njoy! I'll see you tomorrow. Feel free to email me with any questions.

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